Teaching + Growing

Alchemy is a teaching salon.

We believe in education, not only for ourselves and our team, but for our

guests. We begin by providing an extensive apprenticeship to our stylists to

teach them the tools needed, not only to deliver the best service and experience

possible, but to help guide and teach along the way. We are continually

investing in education to keep us inspired and to unlock our individuality and

creativity. The more we advance, the more tools we hold to inspire each person

that comes through our doors.


Alchemy is a growing salon.

We are growing as we add new members to our team. We are growing with

each new guest that walks in the door. We realize the beauty of personal

growth and that together, we can be more. We aim to always dig deep

personally, as a team and as a Company, so that we can help inspire true

growth and affect real change. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.

We hope to grow alongside of you.