Digging Deeper...

Alchemy was founded out of a desire for more. A desire to create something

that we did not see around us. A place where we could flourish in this career,

while fostering an environment of teamwork, growth and positivity. We

wanted a space that attracted a diverse group of people that all wanted to serve

others, hone their craft and truly make a difference. We believe that our

craft, much like people, becomes more beautiful with depth and dimension.

We strive every day to bring our strength and our skill set to you and translate

that into something that not only enhances your hair, skin or body, but lifts

your spirit. We believe in the power of healing hands. Not only through a

service, but on a day to day basis by choosing kindness and compassion. 

We are all growing, because we are all flawed. It is in these flaws, these

cracks, tears and struggles, that we find the space to let others in.

We find strength, support and encouragement all around us, whenever we take

the time to truly look around.  It is a blessing that you allow us into your day,

into your life. We hope that we add happiness, excitement and confidence to

you when you need it, and we hope to provide a  place of refuge and comfort

when you need that as well. We are looking forward to the future, to digging

deep and spreading our wings. 

Stay tuned.