Business Spotlight

For the start of a new year, we wanted to shine a Spotlight on a business that

is truly transforming people's lives and creating an opportunity for new

beginnings. We are spotlighting Cindy Coats and Aaron Goodman, the

founders of Real Hot Yoga, right here in Knoxville.  It was an absolute

pleasure learning more about them and what their mission is truly all about. 


Aaron Goodman, Cindy Coats

Would you tell us a little about how Real Hot Yoga came about?

Was this always a desire that you both wanted to bring to life?


I (Cindy) had been doing yoga for years and introduced Aaron to it because

he, like many men, thought yoga was not a “real workout.” He soon realized

that not only was it a “real” workout, it was one of the hardest workouts he’d

ever done. Aaron had always wanted to have a fitness business or a gym. As for

me (Cindy) I was on a hiatus from my career wanting to take a year off to

decide what to do next. When one of Aaron’s best friends talked about a hot

yoga studio opening near him in New Jersey, Aaron came to me to see if this

was something that would work in Knoxville – to which I said “yes, of course,

someone needs to open a hot studio and I hope they do it next to my house so

I can practice!” I’d often used travel as an opportunity to do hot yoga in various

cities and always wished there was a good hot yoga studio in Knoxville. The

timing and the partnership was perfect. Knoxville was growing and it was

ready for a hot yoga studio. The rest, as they say, is history.


What are the benefits of a regular yoga practice?
What are the benefits of hot yoga in particular? 


The benefits of both yoga and hot yoga are many! The asanas (yoga poses) are

a means to the present moment. In our busy lives we spend too much time

reliving, analyzing, and often beating ourselves up over past moments. Or, we

are worried about the future. Focusing on the body simply takes us back to the

present moment. In the present moment we can more easily feel gratitude,

acceptance, and think more clearly. This relieves stress and helps us connect to

others. Then add in the fact that it’s a total body workout that strengthens and

tones the entire body and burns a ton of calories! The heat amplifies this by

increasing heart rate vs. doing the same practice in a cold room. The fully body

sweat is also great for your skin and complexion!! The heat also warms and

loosens muscles so you get a deeper, safer, more therapeutic stretch. 


How has this journey of creating Real Hot Yoga changed your life?

What has been the greatest and most powerful lesson throughout this



In the beginning we had no idea we would touch people’s lives. It’s just yoga,

right? Or so we thought. Many heartwarming thank you letters and emails

later (that often brought me to tears), we feel so fortunate, and humbled when

our clients share with us that yoga has changed their lives. Since beginning

yoga they’ve gained confidence and see themselves and their self-image more

accurately and kindly; gotten stronger physically, even stronger emotionally

and mentally and are able to ask for what they want and speak up for

themselves for the first time. The people, our clients, are now 100% the reason

we do what we do and come to work everyday. The lesson is that you never

have any idea how your words and actions will affect someone and to what

extent – so speak and act kindly. 


How do you feel your business empowers people?


A lot of us, especially women, are so focused on others. We will do anything

for anyone, often at the cost to ourselves (and our sanity). We’ve heard a

million times that you can’t pour from an empty cup, yet we continue to try. 

Yoga is 60-90 minutes that is 100% about doing something positive for

oneself– it’s about filling your own cup first. Many clients tell us this is the first

time in a long time they’ve actually done something just for themselves. Self-

acceptance and self-love has the ability to transform every relationship in your

life. Our incredible team of instructors teaches far more that just yoga in class. 

Thank you, Cindy and Aaron, for bringing your vision to life.

You are truly making a difference in people's lives and are providing

a wonderful place for new beginnings. 

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