Wellness Spotlight

We are blessed at Alchemy to have an array of guests who are truly

making a difference in the community. Today our focus is on health and

wellness, as we shine a spotlight on Krystal Goodman. 


Krystal is passionate about holistic health. With national certifications and

extensive experience in the field of nutrition, she is empowering those around

her with strength and knowledge. A graduate of the University of

Tennessee, Krystal majored in Nutrition and was an integral member of the

rising leader in sports nutrition in Division I athletics. Her focus was

on the relationship between nutrition and athletic performance. By finding and

showcasing this connection, she began building a platform to influence the

Knoxville community. For almost ten years, Krystal has been a personal trainer.

She has built an impressive clientele and is known for getting her clients'

results. In 2014, she created K’s Kwik Klean Kitchen, a clean-eating solution

for life’s demanding schedules. Her focus is on meal planning and nutrition

counseling. Along with providing healthy recipes and inspiration for her

clients, she teaches them how to make it simpler and more accessible to live a

healthy lifestyle at home.

The driving force behind my business is my passion for living a healthy lifestyle. I aim to empower those around me by setting the example that anyone can reach their goal, if they put their heart and mind into it. This path has taught me how to be patient and understanding with each person that I meet. My clients become like my family, and each of them teaches me something in their unique way. The ability to build these relationships and establish a rapport with each client is key to what I do. I pride myself on personalizing their workouts and finding the nutrition program that suits their individual needs. I am here to watch them grow and help them in any way that I can.
— Krystal Goodman

Thank you so much, Krystal for being so invested in overall wellness, and in

the people around you. You are an inspiration. 


For more information on Krystal and for some amazing recipes, tips and

wellness inspiration, click below: